Halacha Mastery Program Curriculum

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In order to complete the Halacha Mastery Program, participants are required to pass 6 courses. Three of the topics are mandatory and three may be chosen from our list of electives.

Mandatory Topics

  • Kitchen & Kashrut:
    Managing the kosher kitchen – meat and milk, forbidden mixtures, bugs and blood, and an overview of standards and hechsherim.
    Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein
    Available via archived recordings.


  • Kitchen & Shabbat
    Overview of laws of cooking and reheating food on Shabbat, with an emphasis on the underlying principles of Shabbat melachah.
    Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein
    Available via archived recordings. Will run again live starting October 2018.


  • Hilchot Niddah
    A comprehensive study of Hilchot Niddah, including separate tracks for men, with Rabbi Dovid Fink, and women, with Mrs. Sally Mayer. Only Available via archived recordings. We will provide periodic live guided learning sessions to go with the archived recordings starting October 2019.*

Elective Topics
(Participants must select three of the following topics)

  • Mashgiach Kashrut
    An in depth study of the mashgiach’s job, kashrut in larger settings such as hotels and restaurants, non-Jews working in the kitchen, and other issues that may arise which are different from in the home.
    R. Dovid Fink
    Available via archived recordings.


  • Medical Halachot and Ethics
    A survey and in depth study of major medical halachic and ethics issues.
    R. Dovid Fink.
    Live course scheduled for October 2018.


  • Shabbat & Technology
    Muktzah, issues presented by technology and halacha,  electricity and “modern” issues; overview of laws of medical treatment and pikuach nefesh on Shabbat.
    R. Dovid Fink
    Available via archived recordings.


    • The House and the World
      Mezuza and tefillin, eruvin, bikur cholim, tzedaka and intro to Jewish financial laws. The course will also include אורח חיים יו”ט, an overview of the laws of the cycle of the year, with an emphasis on Pesach and its preparations.
      R. Yehoshua Geller
      Available via archived recordings.


    • The Laws of Aveilut (Mourning)
      Topics include those of practical importance: aninut, burial, beginning of the seven days of mourning (shiva) and its laws and customs, the shloshim and twelve month periods of mourning, kaddish and yahrtzeit. Our primary text will be the Shulchan Arukh (Yoreh De’ah), but will we begin each topic from its Talmudic source and trace its development throughout the centuries until the modern era.
      Rabbi David Brofsky
      Available via archived recordings. 


    *Scheduling and other information for these courses is subject to change.


    Halacha Mastery students are invited to partake in the following completely optional recorded courses. These courses are not required in order to graduate the Halacha Mastery Program or the Orach Chaim Semicha Ordination Program.

    • Laws of the Land
      A comprehensive study of Truma, Ma’aser and Shmita
      R. Dovid Fink
      Available via archived recordings.
    • Intensive Gemara Seminar: Shabbat
      Learn to rigorously read and dissect the text of Tractate Shabbat, to ask major questions, and to develop and analyze the answers and approaches offered.
      R. Jesse Horn
      Available via archived recordings.

    • Aveilut and Happiness
      An overview of how Jewish law deals with conflict between the laws of mourning and times of happiness.
      R. Dovid Fink
      Available via archived recordings.
    • Intensive Gemara Seminar: Beitza
      In this course, we will explore the most fundamental, and practical laws of holiday topics as they appear in Masechet Beitza.
      Rabbi David Brofsky
      Available via archived recordings.

    For details about the Orach Chaim Rabbinic Ordination Program (for men only) please click here

    In Summer of 2016, the first group of graduates received their certificates of Halacha Mastery and participated in a week of learning in Jerusalem. For more about the Yarchei Kallah, please click here.