When are live classes held? 

Sunday evenings at 8pm and Wednesday evenings at 9pm, both Israel time. Fall 2017 live courses include Kitchen & Shabbat and Mashgiach Kashrut

What if I miss a live class?

All classes are recorded in video or audio-only formats and available for download around 12 hours after each class.

Can I do the entire program through the archived recordings?

Yes, and the teachers are always available for direct consultation as you make your way through the archives.

Who are the teachers? 

Click HERE


What level of learning do I have to be on? 

A basic working understanding of Hebrew and background in Jewish text learning.

How much time per week will this take me?

Each class is an hour. Outside class time depends on a student’s level. Students should assume they will spend at least 90 minutes a week per class including the class and prep/review time. Additionally, if needed each class has an hour long optional prep shiur (also available through the archives) which helps students go through the material.

What are the requirements? 

1) To attend each class in a course either live or by recording. 2) To complete and pass a midterm and final for each course. (All tests must be handed in within five years of starting the program.)

Do I need to hand things in on time?

Preferably but not required. Most students are married with kids, have full time jobs and other responsibilities so it is understood that everyone is on a different timetable. There are no penalties for late hand ins.

Do I have access to teachers outside of class?

Yes. Mostly by email.

What about a chevruta?

We encourage students to learn with each other and will help connect students with possible options for chevruta study. Students will also be added to a Google forum for each class where participants may connect and ask questions.



Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

Unfortunately there are no scholarships. However, if you commit to the entire program the price is discounted. See our tuition page HERE for more information.

Are there payment plans?


How do I get started? 

Please fill out an application HERE