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feather itself smallI’ve thoroughly enjoyed Rav Adam’s course in Safrus, his explanations have helped me tremendously in understanding siman 32 of Hilchos Tefilin.

Rav Adam covers extensively both the practical aspects of how to prepare a “professional” kulmus and the finer points and tips of how to actually write the letters, as well as the necessary halochos of mukaf gvil, chok tochos etc.

His wry sense of humor helps makes the lessons interesting, and his patience with his talmidim is evident in all his interactions.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in mastering hilchos Sta”m, whether or not one intends to be a practicing sofer, and of course, especially if that actually is your goal.

Rabbi Mendel Bogomilsky

Short Hills NJ


feather itself smallThe course was an excellent way to study the theoretical and practical aspects of Safrut. And unlike other courses on this topic, the instructor, Rabbi Eliezer Adam guided the students using a fresh approach, sensible practice methods and tested strategies. Rabbi Adam was responsive to every student with customized teaching and guidance.
Learning online can often be challenging, and especially with a tangible topic like Safrut. However, Rabbi Adam explained Safrut in easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and turned the web experience into a beneficial approach to studying the art of Safrut.
The instructional videos and audio lessons were helpful for preparing and reviewing lessons. And Rabbi Adam’s availability to answer questions via email or telephone was unmatched by any other “virtual” program I in which I have participated. While the course is taught in English, many essential materials are in Hebrew, so a basic understanding of processing simple Hebrew is necessary.
The course prepares the student for a concrete understanding of Safrut, and opens the door to the possibility of going further with Certification as a Sofer STaM. The course also connects students, and develops a network of men interested in Safrut – which provides an invaluable platform for sharing ideas, questions, accomplishments, and camaraderie.
I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in getting serious about Safrut, taught by the foremost teacher in the Safrut world.


Shmuel Bowman
Efrat, Israel




feather itself smallThe class is well structured, with a first focus on the structure of the letters, but also a large focus on the halakhot of how to write the letters, what makes kosher letters, and how to fix letters if necessary and possible.  The skills involved (writing, erasing, etc.) are acquired by, of course, lots of practice, but the videos posted by the Rav and the interactive on-line classes show you just how to do the tasks and can answer the questions in real time.

It is also very easy to get started as a recommended supplier sends the specialty items right to your door.  Be prepared to repurpose a table shtender (I got one on-line for $12) and the other stuff you will need is just a quick trip to CVS or other similar drug stores (stationary supplies), or probably just around your house.

The biggest hurdle, I feel, in the course is learning to cut your own kulmus (quill) out of a turkey feather, which is also a really cool skill by the way, because you can’t write at all, (never mind how much you have practiced the forms of the letters) if you don’t have a proper writing utensil.  Writing with a quill and ink is VERY different than writing with a pen (dropping ink, smudging the klaf…), but somehow feels more authentic.  In anycase, Rabbi Adam does a good job of explaining the forming of the kulmus (and make sure you follow the checklist!!) so you can be forming proper quills and writing pretty letters in no time.  It is a long road to becoming a competent sofer, and this is a great first step.

Larry Samuels



feather itself smallThe Stam Certification course of Rav Eliezer Adam, offered by Web, is the most significant and under recognized opportunity in the modern world of Stam today. As the first offering of this course is concluding its initial phase, that under recognition will soon end.

It is now possible for one interested in achieving certification in Stam to enroll in this online program, with one of the leading teachers of Stam worldwide. Learn both the necessary technique and Halacha in English, and then “sit” for an examination from a recognized certifying authority.

The program has two phases. The first is the portion consisting of approximately ten weeks of course material and interactive online instruction. The second phase continues through Rav Adam for the ensuing year to fine tune skills and halachic education leading to examination.

I had actively searched for a way to become a certified Sofer for 3 years. My searches quickly led me to the Machon Melechet Shamayim website in Israel, one of the preeminent centers for the study of Sofrus, and its founder Rabbi Eliezer Adam. Although I could access a vast array of written and video materials freely, there were no online courses. My hope was that one day an online vehicle would be offered. Further searches found several schools of Sofrus I could physically attend on the East Coast, but no online courses. I ultimately found one Sofer in Manchester, England  willing to take on the time investment of a private student online. I am forever grateful to this man and his instructions throughout the years. Although he can and will lead me to the door, he does not represent any school of sofrus such that he could certify me. I then received notice of this course.  I can complete my journey and at the same time become a student of an amazing Rav.

His course is taught in English. His presence is very relaxed and patient. His teachings interspersed with humor and professorial leadership.  At present, the majority of the course material is in written Hebrew as are the archived video lessons. But everything is taught and reviewed in English.

This was another huge advantage for me personally.

Though observant, my Hebrew skills are elementary. It takes me a long time to translate written questions compared to my classmates and though I understand the archived videos, I am not actually able to keep pace enough to understand  the entire video lectures. I have however not been made to feel inadequate by the Rav or my fellow students (many of whom are rabbis or religious educators and all much more advanced in Judaic Studies than I). I would recommend anyone in my position obtain versions of the major Halachic sources with English translations. As this course gains popularity perhaps a bit more translated material will be developed.

If one does not live where a physical school of sofrus can be attended, this is the course for you.

If one desires to become a Sofer, certified to write all manner of religious items as a profession or even a hobby to write Stam for family, friends, and community, this is the course for you.

In summary I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Mark Goldstein, MD

Houston, Texas



feather itself smallRabbi Adam has quite a personality and a lot a fun. He is quite an expert in his field and quite helpful with practical issues.
I strongly recommend this course with Rabbi Adam as he is a rare combination of expert and teacher delivered with humor and love of Torah.
J Bauman
New York, NY


feather itself smallThe Rav has a unique teaching style which enabled us as students to learn the practical applications of how to write in a quick but sufficient way. Within weeks we were already practicing writing on klaf with a strong focus on letter refinement. The course was a lot of work within the 10 weeks, both from a ‘study’ perspective (learning hundreds of halachot) as well as practicing writing. However, I really enjoyed devoting the time needed for all aspects of the course.
Living in Australia made it slightly more difficult to be part of the chaburah which was mainly based in the US, Canada and Israel, although the video classes and online forum assisted in creating an environment for learning as a group.
Please Gd I will continue to study all the halachot on a daily basis and continue to write Mezuzot, and hopefully one day write a Sefer Torah.
Many thanks to WebYeshiva and Rabbi Adam for an amazing course.
Warm regards,
Daron Resnik
Sydney, Australia

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