Semicha Ordination Track

For qualifying students:

Men who have completed the first three years of the Halacha Mastery Program curriculum (three mandatory courses and three electives either synchronously over 3 years or via self-paced archive study) and have successfully passed all 6 course exams are eligible to apply for admission to the Semicha track. Contact us for further details.


Students must have completed all prerequisites prior to being admitted to the intensive “Orach Chaim” Semicha curriculum.


Timeline: Unlike the schedule of years 1-3, the intensive 4th Year Semicha Program runs several months longer. Students who pass all Halacha Mastery Program requirements and are accepted to the semicha year may either wait until it runs again live or learn the material through the archived recordings. Contact us for further details.


Students who complete all materials listed in the curriculum will receive semicha issued from WebYeshiva and signed by Rabbi Brovender.