Write for us

Would you like to write for the WebYeshiva.org blog?


To write for the WebYeshiva.org blog you must either be a WebYeshiva.org Halacha Mastery & Semicha Program student or approved by WebYeshiva.org to write for us. If you’re not a student yet, send us a note with a little bit of your background, some writing samples, and article ideas and we’ll be happy to consider your post.

What are we looking for in an article?

A mix of something interesting, unique, personal, and of course Torah-related. If you’re a Halacha Mastery student we would prefer some correlation with something you are learning at WebYeshiva. Anything not Torah-related or that does not meet WebYeshiva.org criteria will be rejected.

Post guidelines:


  1. Topics must be sent in first before a draft or final draft.
  2. All posts must be approved by WebYeshiva.org
  3. Topics must be on something you are learning or connected to your learning.
  4. The post should be 500-600 words. Longer articles must be approved.
  5. The post must be unique, not previously printed anywhere.
  6. The post must not be re-posted anywhere.
  7. Links in articles must be approved by WebYeshiva.org.
  8. Pictures sent in for an article must be approved by WebYeshiva.org.
  9. Authors must provide a bio for the end of the article.
  10. Authors must check spelling, punctuation, etc. Messy posts may be rejected.


  1. WebYeshiva.org has the right to edit all materials sent in for publication.
  2. All materials published become the property of WebYeshiva.org.
  3. Authors will not be compensated for works but will receive a HUGE thank you.
  4. Authors may not sell products or services through their posts.
  5. WebYeshiva.org reserves the right to publish or un-publish posts.

For questions please email office@webyeshiva.org